• Manufacturing Unit: Irkha, Pin-721648, East Medinipur, West Bengal, India.
  • Head Office: Thekuachak, Pin - 721652, East Medinipur, West Bengal, India.

Mission and Vision

To be the trusted and fafourite brand in terms of quality.

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What we stand for

Bengal Tiles enables construction professionals, contractors, merchants and their organizations to plan major construction ‘Adhesive’ project ‘EXTREMA’.

In order to make this possible, we combine knowledge experience and hands on approach with a range of high quality products. We prefer to build long term partnerships rather than focus on short term profits. We regularly subject our products and systems to practical tests. New and existing customers will be benefited from our innovation. It is not by chance that our logo has been green for many years.


What we want to achieve

Several parties are involved in the construction process, we know how to create links between these different stakeholders. In order to achieve this. We provide high quality products with excellent application properties and offer durable systems. We also prepare specially tailored advice and provide excellent services, while placing the emphasis on customer satisfaction.

We would like to become one of the top 3 adhesive product companies. In addition we are continuously working to expand our range in order to maintain our position as market leader.